Beyond The Bottle




Get a user experience campaign that generates socialisation between wine drinkers.


Place QR codes on brand bottles, opening a new experience beyond simply consuming the product into sharing your overall experience via instant messaging, from the bottles journey to using the wine for recipe tips.


The user can think outside the bottle with this brand experience. Once purchased, the bottle can be scanned, directing the user to the brand application. The application lets the consumer immediately interact with fellow drinkers, with instant messaging. The applications features show when the specific bottle was made, where it was distributed and how many other bottles were made with the same contents. Users can then track the location of bottles made with the same batch that have had their codes entered into the system. User also can interact on the brands microsite, discussing ideas about the wine, like recipes, occasions to experience the wine can be shared along with links to social networking sites.


  • Interaction with customers.
  • Market research (where the bottles are being consumed).
  • Enhancing the experience for customers with their product.


  • Interact with fellow drinkers.
  • Explore the journey of the batch of bottles your code interacts with.
  • Have fun and sharing wine tips and experiences.